Repetitive strain injury is also known as cumulative trauma disorder and is caused by the repetitive movement of or overuse of an area of the body. It can be the result of any repetitive task including working at a computer, gardening, packing, playing sport and decorating. RSI is most common in the upper body where injuries can occur to the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck. If you have suffered a repetitive strain injury then your symptoms may include tenderness, pain, weakness, clumsiness, numbness or impaired movement.

Repetitive strain injuries affect the muscles, nerves and tendons. Small tears can occur in the muscles and repetitive actions can reduce the lubrication in the sheaths through which tendons move causing abrasions and inflammation. Anyone can suffer a repetitive strain injury but there are several factors which increase your risk of injury:

  • Failure to take regular breaks
  • Poor posture
  • Poor technique
  • Cold temperatures
  • Stress
  • Poor general fitness
  • Obesity


Can RSI Injuries be Treated?

If you are experiencing any symptoms of repetitive strain injury then it is vital that you seek a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. Your condition will continue to get worse if the cause of the injury is not identified and no changes are made to your working practices, working environment and lifestyle. In addition to such changes, treatment from an osteopath can help to reduce your pain, to improve movement and to aid your recovery.


Osteopathic Treatment for RSI Injuries

Your osteopath will first conduct a thorough examination and review your case history to effect a diagnosis. Your working practices, work environment, hobbies and lifestyle will be explored to discover the cause of your injury and any factors which may be exacerbating it or leaving you more vulnerable to RSI. We can then suggest lifestyle changes which will help you and ways in which you can adapt your working environment and techniques to prevent further injury or a recurrence of your condition. We can provide advice on posture and ergonomic arrangements in the office, home, car and garden to reduce the strain on your body. Using soft tissue massages, manipulations and exercises we can relieve the symptoms of RSI by increasing blood flow and reducing stiffness in the muscles and tendons.

By treating the injury and addressing the factors that have caused it, your osteopath can reduce your pain, hasten your recovery and help to prevent you suffering a similar problem in the future.


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