We all suffer from the occasional headache but some people are afflicted by frequent headaches which have a serious impact on their daily lives. There a variety of reasons why you might be suffering from headaches. In the vast majority of cases the headaches are not the result of a serious underlying condition or disease but are caused by tension, stress, poor posture, fatigue, eye strain or problems with the jaw, upper back and neck.

Around 20% of all headaches are migraines. Migraines are characterised by a throbbing pain to one side of the head and accompanied by feelings of nausea and an increased sensitivity to light and sound. Sufferers may also experience visual disturbances and migraines can last from a few hours to several days.

If you are suffering from headaches regularly then it is important to establish exactly what is causing them.


Osteopathic Treatment for Headaches

We will first examine you and discuss your case history and symptoms to establish whether we can offer you effective treatment or whether you should seek further medical advice. The majority of headaches are tension or cervicogenic in nature. In other words they are the result of stress, muscle contraction or referred pain from the neck and back. These are issues which we can treat through the massage of the soft tissues and gentle manipulation of the joints.

Our treatment regime can help to reduce the pain you are enduring but will also address the causes of your headaches in order to prevent a recurrence in the future. By improving your joint mobility, reducing muscular tension and improving blood flow to and from the head and neck we can help to ensure that your headaches do not return. We will also advise you how to improve your posture and, if necessary, the ergonomics of your working environment and we will recommend lifestyle changes and exercises which will help to alleviate your condition.



Migraines can have a seriously detrimental effect on your quality of life. Research has suggested that Migraines could be the result of a series of neural and vascular events. In most sufferers of chronic migraines there are specific triggers including foods, lighting conditions, the weather, stress, alcohol, tobacco and the menstrual cycle. We can help to identify possible triggers that you should avoid and recommend changes to your lifestyle which can help to reduce the frequency of your migraines.

Muscle tension, poor blood flow and issues with your joints could also be contributing to your condition and we can offer the soft tissue massage and joint articulation which could help. We cannot cure migraines but we can help to prevent them occurring.

Osteopathy is a holistic form of treatment which addresses the whole body and the lifestyle issues which could be having a detrimental impact on your health. There are often several factors which are causing or contributing to your chronic migraines and a rounded treatment regime can often alleviate your symptoms and prevent them from recurring.


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